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Male enhancement with penis extenders and penis pumps

I put a pride on selecting the right product for you here on A product that will boost your sexual self-esteem and increase the satisfaction of your partner.

I will never advice you to take any kind of medication before you have tried the non-medicine way first.


Because medicine is not a permanent solution, it’s a quick fix that causes side effects and a massive hole in your wallet.

It’s designed to just work good enough to make you buy more and by time your body will need more and more to get the same effect. That’s why all the pharmacy companies offer so many different versions of their product, so they can keep making you buy more and more products.

Anyway, let’s see what it’ all about

male enhancement options

What exactly is male enhancement?

Male enhancement is a word that covers all sorts of improvements of different sexual related things.

The following things can be improved:

  • Penis size
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Orgasm intensity
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low libido

All the things on the list except for low libido can be fixed with the help of a penis extender or a penis pump. Libido can be increased by eating healthy and exercises, no medication needed.

Let’s take a look at the products

What product should I pick?

I’ve made this simple guide for you so you can pick the right product the first time so you don’t spend unnecessary money and time.

Let’s see what the right product is for each problem.

I want a larger penis what do I need?

This is a two folded question since penis size can be divided into girth and length.

  • The best option for penis girth gains is a penis pump (up to 24% thicker in 6 months)
  • The best option for penis length gains is a penis extender (up to 30% longer in 6 months)

The good news is that you can combine the products and get the most out of each of them.

I’m suffering from premature ejaculation what should I do?

Training with a penis pump is a really good way to avoid premature ejaculation and you can get some nice results if you train 2-3 times a week for 15-20 min each time.

I’m would love to get stronger orgasms

Don’t we all want that? Well it’s quite easy and can be done with a penis pump. You don’t even need to use it more that 5 min. each session 3-4 time a week.

The pumping will force more blood to your glans where the most of your feeling in the penis is. The increased size of your glans will improve the feeling when you have sex and result in stronger orgasms.

Oh no, I can’t even get it up – What should I do?

A penis pump is again the solution to your problem and many doctors recommend this compared to medication.

It’s very fast and effective and you can get a really strong erection in just 5 min.

The products I recommend

penis extender

There are so many different options when is comes to penis extenders and penis pumps and it’s hard to find the best products for you.

Penis extender

I’ve made a list of the 5 best penis extenders that you can use as a guide. All the extenders on that list will work for you but the one I recommend the most is the SizeGenetics penis extender.

I would recommend taking a look at my list of the best penis extenders here.

penis pumpPenis pump

The penis pump I recommend is called the Penomet and it’s a great design and the bonus is that this pump can be upgraded if you need extra power.

You can read my list of the best penis pumps here.

You can contact me on e-mail if you have any question or use the comment section below.

You can read a lot about penis pumps online and one of the best places is at but take a look around and see what kind of options that are avaliable.

You might find the perfect product for you!