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3 Reasons why men get erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction in young men has become very common. It is just as prevalent among young men as it is among old men. Although the condition is more common among old men, men are still highly susceptible due to the fact that they do not seek treatment for the disorder.

This is mostly because most men feel too embarrassed for their condition to reveal to their physicians. It results in them ignoring the problem and living with it.

In fact, erectile dysfunction is quite common and is curable. There are many specialists who can help with the issue of erectile dysfunction. men should talk openly and consult their physicians on possible ways to handle this condition.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that has been researched by many physicians; among the results, there are some factors that have been found to be the most likely causes of the condition. But before we go any further, it is advisable to clarify what does erection problem result into?

Not getting an erection during some of the sexual activity does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from ED. It may be because you might not be in the mood for sex at that period, or you might be having some psychological issues that are preventing you from getting an erection.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which the man affected is completely unable to get an erection. If you can get partial erections or the normal morning erection, then chances are you are not suffering from erectile dysfunction. If you do not get an erection at all, then you have a big problem and you should visit your doctor immediately.

3 reasons why men get erectile dysfunction

Psychological issues

The psychological refer to the fact that a man can’t maintain a satisfying erection due to thoughts and feeling. They include stress or financial problems as well as problems in the relationship. Depression, an unpleasant sexual experience or the feeling that the partner is not attracted to you can cause erectile dysfunction.

When the causes of erectile dysfunction are of psychological nature, the situation becomes even more delicate for the sufferer, but it is entirely treatable, and with the adequate approach it can be put behind. The mind is a very powerful tool when it comes to sex and if it is not in the right state then all the other bodily functions will be interrupted, including sexual functions.

Anxiety or stress is some of the issues that affect a man’s psychology, resulting in reduced penile activity. Ensure that your mind is in the right state and right mood so that you can get aroused during sex. Many men take some wine before sex so that it can relax them.

Health issues

Underlying health conditions might also cause erectile dysfunction in young men. Certain conditions like diabetes, heart disease, obesity and many other health-related issues can cause sexual difficulty in a man.

Men whose reproductive system has been injured as a result of an accident might also suffer from the same problem. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, going to the doctor might reveal other underlying conditions that you may be suffering from.

There are also medications for other conditions that can lead to ED problem, and if this is the case, the doctor must be announced immediately to stop or to change the treatment. This usually happens in the case of antidepressants, pain relievers or pills for high blood pressure.

Diabetes, hypertension and various nerve disorders like Parkinson or Alzheimer are also among the common causes of erectile dysfunction. When undergoing surgery for prostate or bladder cancer, one also risks of the suffering of ED afterwards because the tissue that was affected by cancer needs to be removed completely and this might interfere with the nerves that control the erection.

Ageing is another common cause of erectile dysfunction and men over 65 are likely to experience this disorder.

Drug abuse

Nowadays, young people lead very unhealthy lives that are prone to abuse in drugs, alcohol, cigarette smoking and such. One of the direct results of this lifestyle is erection problem in men.

This is because drugs and alcohol mainly affect your nervous system and prevent brain signals from reaching their intended destinations, including the destination responsible for sexual arousal and penile erection. Substances like nicotine, alcohol and drugs. Abuse of such substances can easily influence one’s relationship even in what concerns the sexual point of view.

All in all, erectile dysfunction in men is curable. Medicine development has advanced so much that the cures available for erectile dysfunctions are many.

Patients need to discuss their conditions with their doctors more often so that they can be helped. Staying silence is the biggest obstacle for men suffering from this condition. The faster you can tell you doctor about the problem, the faster he can help you solve it.



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