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Are You SURE Your Penis Is Too Small?

Is it really important to have a huge penis?

If you live in a western society that has ready access to popular medias, such as television or the Internet, you probably think so.

The sad reality is that many men feel emasculated and demoralized because of the size of their penis, yet these same men fail to realize that there are ways to get around the penis trap and get back to enjoying their lives (and their penises).

A few things you should know about penis size…

  1. Having a huge penis is not really a good thing. Aside from porn stars and extremely promiscuous women, most women actually find a huge penis to be painful and dread having sex with it. The men that have penises like these will often brag about how big they are, but chances are pretty high that as soon as you get them talking from the heart they will admit that their large penis complicates their sex life.

Most women prefer a penis that is just above average. A penis that is this size is large enough to fill her up and hit all of her sensitive areas, yet it won’t cause pain. Most men are completely capable of attaining this penis size.

  1. Chances are good that you don’t have a small penis Most men have an obscured view of their penis as a result of pornography and societal pressures. The reality is that more than 80% of male penises are under 7 inches long, and that more than 50% of men are within half an inch of average.

A small penis is a penis that is 5 inches or smaller, and in reality less than 25% of men are in that category.

It’s sad to realize that many men go through life feeling insecure about the size of their penis, when it’s merely average in length. Most women won’t even be able to distinguish the difference between penises that vary within the average spectrum, so comparing the size of your penis to that of others is a fruitless endeavor- that’s of the same ilk of comparing women.

If you’ve determined that you need to increase the size of your penis you do have options. The most direct method is penis enlargement surgery, though it is expensive and carries high amounts of risk. Other methods, such as traction devices, are less obvious but still effective. Though penis enlargement is something that can be done, it’s something that you need to decide on a personal level. If you’ve determined that you’d be happier by increasing the size of your penis you should research as much as possible about the various methods that are available to you.

That being said, it’s important to remember that the media sensationalizes everything. It’s important that you don’t base your self-perception based on the size of your penis- unlike many things in life, you do have options available to you.