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MaleEdge review

Let’s admit; size does matter when it comes to your penis.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different penis enlargement products in the market that claim to help people improve their manhood. However, most of them are actually unsafe or ineffective.

One trusted and approved product that you can confidently use today without harming yourself is the Male edge extender. It was crafted by professionals who have vast skills and experience hence quality is guaranteed.

Overview of the Extender

It comes in three different models namely basic, pro and extra. All the versions are basically the same as they are all capable of delivering the expected results.

The only difference is the number of extras or accessories that each offers. For example, the basic model comes with a measuring gauge, protection pad and a designer travel bag. On the other hand, the pro version comes with four rubber straps, cohesive gauze and two placement pads.

Let us look at some of the core attributes that place male edge extender miles ahead of its competition.


The designers have incorporated a number of indicators that allows users to accurate know the amount of force been applied. This in turn helps to prevent injuries that could occur as a result of excess application of force. Also, it’s fully adjustable and one can easily move the penis while wearing it.

It is also important to note that there are no pointed or sharp points in male edge extender and this further reduces chances of any injuries.


As mentioned earlier, each version is fully capable of increasing size of your penis. The device is actually pre-assembled before been shipped to customers. All you have to do is adjust it to suit the current your penis size.

Its nifty locking adjustment mechanism makes it easy for users to remove or attach the penis fast. Whether you are circumcised or not, this gadget can help you as it has a strap that can either be placed on the foreskin or behind the glans.


Clinical studies that were carried out to test its effectiveness record an average 0.59-2” increase in penis size in individuals who used it for four months. The gains derived from it are permanent. It has also been noted that men who use male edge extender get stronger erections.

The most plausible reason for this is due to the fact that the penis is able to hold more blood due to increase in penile tissue. Additionally, men suffering from penis curvature can benefit from this product as it’s capable of reducing the curvature by 55-90%.


Male edge extender is not a miracle device that delivers results overnight. For maximum results, it is recommendable to wear the device for several weeks until the desired size is achieved.

Be sure to read and comprehend the user’s manual provided by the manufacturer so as to use it correctly.

Despite the fact that it’s very effective and safe, it’s very affordable and can be purchased from various legally accredited stores and websites.

Male edge extender is the ultimate penis enhancement device in the world today.

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