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PeniMaster Pro review

Several guys are wondering which pills they should take to get a larger penis. Well, the unfortunate answer remains the same. No pill will make you have a larger penis!

It’s true, though, that a few supplements can boost your sex drive and the overall performance – but none of them will have a significant influence on the physical size of your penis.

Therefore, you have to do some exercises (such as time-tested jelqing stretching) or even better enough, use an extender device. The device absolutely work and have been used in many clinical settings for quite some time.

What Is PeniMaster Pro Extender?

PeniMaster Pro was designed in Germany. So, right away that is a huge plus since we are all aware of the superiority of German engineering.

Since it is an extender, its main purpose is to increase significantly the length of your penis rather than the girth. Although some girth improvements can be made, that isn’t the main objective of this remarkable device and something which you should be aware of.

Immediately what you will notice from the PeniMaster which separates it from all other extenders available on the market today is the significant amount of features and the value which you receive when you order it.

This device is actually jam packed with several features compared to other devices out there. For instance, this extender not only uses the belt-tension system found in some extenders, but it also uses a classic tried and real rod-system which you’ll find in 80% of the famous devices on the market today.

How PeniMaster Pro Works

Like any other extender, it utilizes a continual prolonged and progressive tension to tear gradually, stretch, and rebuild your penis into the larger and improved version of itself down the line.

For starters, the extender comes with the glans-chamber that looks like a little dome where you’ll insert the head of your penis. To insert it into the chamber on the opposite end, there’s a valve where you can use either a suction ball-pump or a suction hose in order to generate the vacuum.

By sucking or pumping into this expander, you are basically sucking penis into the glans chamber. What is amazing about this expander is that the glans chamber doesn’t lead to blood circulation cut-offs. This is very common with each extender which uses a noose or strap feature at the glans to hold you in.

Once you are inside the chamber, it is high time to begin the tension. Now, you’ve a choice of either using a belt or a rod-system that essentially you’d have to purchase two completely different extenders to acquire both of these features.

For the rods, you need to attach them parallel to the penis where one end is against the glans-chamber and the other attached to the pubis. For the belt, one end can be simply looped around your leg, shoulder, or torso to exert a pulling force, while the other attached to the glans-chamber.

What Is Different About PeniMaster Pro?

The greatest difference seen in the PeniMaster Pro is how it really adheres to your penis.

Whereas many extender devices use “strap” or a “noose” fixation method which holds the device to the penis for a long amount of time required, PeniMaster Pro uses a vacuum fixation technique.

This technique is much more comfortable and more convenient. It does not create any friction like the strap or noose do, and it remains securely connected to the head of your penis for hours. At this time, PeniMaster Pro is the only product which uses the vacuum fixation method.

Actually, the earlier model of the PeniMaster uses a traditional noose technique. Therefore, this is the main difference between the two models.


A steady and regular tension is the only method to enhance reliably the size of your penis. This method has been used throughout the world for generations to increase the size of numerous body parts. In fact, modern medicine still uses it. Therefore, the technology behind the PeniMaster Pro Extender, then, works perfectly.

Overall, the PeniMaster Pro is highly recommended for anyone who is very interested in getting a larger and better penis. Nearly every user seems to claim that it is easier to wear and more comfortable than any other extenders.

Since you can wear it longer and more often, you will achieve better results in a short period. One major concern with these devices is the commitment which it requires, and this may simply not be practical for some men.

If you are dedicated enough, then go for PeniMaster Pro Extender, and you won’t regret!

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