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Penis pumps – how they work

Realistically speaking, it is every man’s dream to have a harder, bigger, better-performing penis. Men who do not have an adequate penis size find it very frustrating in bed with their partner.

Not only does it lower your self-esteem, but it also makes you feel dejected and incapable of your manly duties. In fact, it is thought that such bedroom problems often spill into your daily activities and can even negatively impact on your productivity at the workplace.

Nonetheless, all is not lost as there are penis pumps that can take away your frustration and rejuvenate your sex life once again. Maybe you have tried other penis enlargement techniques such as exercises, and you have not quite achieved the results that you desire.

If your goal is to have a hard penis and maintain this state until the intercourse session is over, then a penis pump is just what you need. You could think of penis pumps as an addition to your routine, or singly as a solution to enhance the performance of your penis. Either way, you are assured that this intricate device will give you the results that you want.

So, how do penis pumps work?

Of course, there are many reasons why people would want to use penis pumps. Perhaps your partner is not satisfied with your performance in bed. It could even be that your penis is well above the size in terms of girth and size of the average penis, but you still feel the need to increase it.

Well, why not?

If you have the urge to pump your penis, then by all means proceed and do it. It is a natural technique that is simple and easy to perform.

Naturally, your penis becomes erect when the brain is stimulated and pumps blood into the vessels of the penis. Within a matter of seconds, blood fills these vessels, and the tissues expand to become firm.

The result is a hard, firm and erect penis. However, this is not the case for all men. Some men’s penis do not function at all or pumps blood really slowly. As you may have very well thought, this is a cause for alarm especially when you had hoped to give your partner a good orgasm.

Penis pumps, which utilize vacuum pressure for suction, come in to save the situation. With a penis pump at hand, you gently insert your penis into the cylinder, and the air is expelled out.

Consequently, the vacuum created causes suction and blood gushes into your penis causing it to become erect. A penis pump practically solves most of the problems related to the penis malfunction. Erectile dysfunction, for instance, is totally fixable using a penis pump as the erect penis has enough blood in it to sustain a session of intercourse.

Similarly for those who are looking to grow the size of their penis, the blood pumped to the penis dramatically increases your size through expansion. It is interesting to note that the pumping action ultimately leads to increase (growth) of your penis size.

Here is what happens: The tissues are slightly over-expanded by the action of the pump and the micro-tears results in the growth of new cells in and around the penile area. During the process of repair, your penis grows.

What you should know

Modern penis pumps have undergone improvement from the conventional pumps which did not come with translucent cylinders. They are therefore good and efficient because they adhere to a higher standard of safety. Also, if you are using the manual penis pumps, you have to be sensitive to your body and its reaction.

It is highly recommended that you pump gently back and forth noting changes and taking breaks at regular intervals. Keep in mind that a penis pump gives you instant results in making your penis erect.

However significant, long lasting results will be observed after a longer period that involves serious exercising.

After pumping your penis, you should not be carried away by the results until you forget to remove the cock rings. Pumping results are expected to last longer. However, you should remove the rings after half an hour or less. 30 minutes are enough to last a steamy sex session for you and your partner.

Extending this time more than is recommended not only compromises the health, safety but also the well-being of your penis.

Ultimately, penis pumps are the way to go. Do not sit back and watch your partner leave you for someone with a bigger penis. Just be sure to practice safe use of this device and you will be on your way to a happy sex life!

Pumps I recommend

There are two types of penis pumps; water based and air based, both work, but the water pumps are way more effective and comforable to use.

The once I recommend is the Penomet pump and the Bathmate, they are both water based and will fit most penis sizes.

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