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Top 3 rated penis pumps

When you want to buy your first penis pump, it can be difficult to know which penis pump is best for you. To give you an idea of ​​what men are turning to, we have described the best-selling penis pumps and some of their main features. It’s a great place to start, to give you an idea of ​​what’s popular.

What is the best penis pump?

The models of penis pumps are many. The market offers air pumps on the one hand and water pumps on the other hand. The latter play the card of hydrotherapy. This provides more comfort to the user. This feature allows these types of pumps to be more popular.

If you want the best penis pump, then we recommend the following penis pumps.

1 penomet1. Penomet penis pump

This penis pump is ideal for helping men with erection problems regain their self-confidence. It is powerful and very practical to use. In addition to increasing the length of the penis, it also increases its width. You can gain up to 30% in thickness and 40% in volume. It also improves sexual performance and reduces ejaculation problems.

It has a very clear scale to monitor penis growth. You can adjust the suction level and pump pressure yourself. Comfortable, the soft silicone has been clinically tested. It is also expandable to support all penis sizes.

Thanks to the special particles inside the silicone, you will be able to benefit from a maximum of sensation. As for cleaning the equipment, it is easy and quick to perform. Easy to use, no need for a manual to experiment this sextoy.

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2 hydromax-xtreme-xx402. HydroMax Xtreme XX40

This penis pump is made of a material that respects health and does not produce odors. This is a manual vacuum pump. Its installation is very simple and fast. It is removable and therefore, easy to clean. It brings a real comfort and pleasure to its user.

This penis pump is equipped with a manometer that allows to control the suction. Its handle is equipped with a transparent cylinder. It is also equipped with a soft rubber cushion with a hole and a cushion in the form of a female vulva. Very comfortable and pleasant to use, it is not dangerous at all.

Multifunctional, this pump can solve problems of impotence and premature ejaculation with efficiency. It can also be useful for those who want to increase the size of their penis. The materials used have been clinically verified and proven non-toxic.

Weighing less than 500 g, it can be easily transported and used everywhere. The gauge of the device allows to appreciate the volume of pressure carried out by the pump. You can play on the pressure to reach your orgasm. Considering the price and the effects you can benefit from, you will not be disappointed to buy this penis pump!

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3 bathmate-hercules3. Bathmate Hercules

Bathmate is a brand of penis pump that is highly appreciated by users. It is accompanied by feelings of very pleasant sweetness. It is a product that keeps its promises and can earn at least 1.3 cm in length and 1.5 cm thick in just a few months. This is the model that attracts the most users thanks to its prowess that allows to have long and vigorous erections. It is, so to speak, the most famous penis pump of the moment. The creators do not hesitate to guarantee the product over 2 years.

This pump is effective for gaining volume in your penis. It is equipped with a valve pump and a handball connected to the pump valve. It is very easy to use and is not harmful to your health.

The system of this penis pump will bring you a real comfort. You will not feel any pain when using it. The whole area around your sexual device will be preserved. It has a 360 rotation system. You can use it in the shower and even if you take a bath. It can also be disassembled to facilitate cleaning.

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What is a penis pump and what exactly should a penis pump do?

Generally, penis pumps are used for penis enlargement. A penis pump is generally called a vacuum pump and it is often used as an erection aid in impotence. As the negative pressure is generated, this allows the blood to flow into the penis and thus the penis swells. In this way, with the penis a certain volume is achieved and also a better staying power. This leads to longer-lasting and a much more erotic love play with couples.

Who are they recommended for?

The truth is that any man with a problem on the size of his penis or with erection problems can resort to this type of vacuum pump with the aim of increasing the volume and rigidity of his penis. However, due to their special features, penis pumps are usually a type of accessory especially popular among men who have recently undergone prostate surgery, among those who have specific flaccidity problems or among those who want to boast of an extra size and rigidity at a given time.

Depending on their needs, they can be used in two ways:

  • Immediately before having a sexual encounter and with the aim of obtaining an immediate increase in penis volume.
  • On a regular basis, as training to enhance natural erections and increase penis size progressively.

Which penis pumps are available?

There are many different types of penis pumps. They differ in the quality of the piston, in the way in which the pressure is generated and whether there is a pressure gauge.

1. Penis pump with automatic pump

If you can’t create a vacuum with a hand pump, then an electric pump is recommended for you. This penis pump can quickly create a vacuum at the touch of a button. For a daily workout, this pump is actually the best choice.

2. Hand operated penis pump

If you are looking for a cheap penis pump, you can choose this penis pump, in which the vacuum is generated with a hand pump.

There are three types of hand operated pumps:

  • With pump ball: Here you have on the pump a small rubber ball. If you press the rubber ball, the air is sucked out of the piston. Penis pumps with rubber ball are usually the cheapest.
  • With pull handle: The vacuum is generated as with an air pump. You pull on the pull handle and with every pull you pull air out of the piston. This variant is also quite cheap.
  • With scissor handle: In this penis pump you have some kind of scissors or forceps. Squeezing the ends of the forceps with one hand creates a suction that draws air from the penis pump. Many scissors-handled penis pumps also have a pressure gauge. This is helpful because a lot of air is pulled out of the piston with each turn (much more than with the ball or pull handle).

3. Vibrating penis pump

If you think a penis pump is not so cool? Then, a vibrating penis pump may help you maintain your erection longer. The vibration additionally stimulates you during the training and makes it more bearable for you.

4. Penis pump for the bath

This is the latest generation penis pumps. It uses water instead of air to create the suction on the penis. Therefore, this penis pump is particularly good for use in the shower. With the water, a more comfortable pressure can be generated than with air.

How should I use a penis pump?

  1. Warm up: As with sports, you should warm up your penis before you begin to stretch. Simply rub it so that it is well supplied with blood. You can also run warm water over your penis. As a rule, the warm-up will make the penis a bit bigger. If you get excited this is not a problem. The penis should not be too hard.
  2. Apply soft penis ring: Many forget this step. But a penis ring is important so that you have a longer penis longer. It should be made of rubber so you can put it on quickly. Just pull it over the testicles and the penis so that it is tight. As a result, the blood does not flow out of your penis so quickly later.
  3. Prepare the penis and penis pump with lubricant: Pull the rubber cuff over the lower opening of the penis pump. In the middle of this cuff has a narrower opening through which later the penis is pushed. Distribute some lubrication on this hole and additionally on your complete penis.
  4. Push penis into the penis pump: This works best in a sitting position. In one hand you take your penis and in the other hand the penis pump, whose opening should point towards the penis. Then gently push the penis through the rubber cuff. In between you have to press the pump, so that some air escapes from the penis pump. You push the penis to the neck completely in the piston.
  5. Creating a vacuum: Only now does the real penis training begin. Create a vacuum by switching on the pump or pulling air from the penis pump with the hand pump. Anyone who has a pressure gauge should be careful not to produce more than 1.0 bar. This is the pressure that is perceived as pleasant. From 1.1 bar you would feel the pressure clearly. You should not overdo it, especially as a beginner. If you have an automatic penis pump, you should turn it off again now.
  6. Wait: Now you have to wait about 15min. If during this time air from the penis pump flows, you should press the pump again. If you are a bit more experienced, you can do the penis pump training for up to 45 minutes. A longer workout would not lead to a better result.
  7. Relieve pressure: Each penis pump has a valve that allows you to slowly reduce the air pressure in the penis pump. Press this valve to allow the air to escape. Take a minute for that.
  8. Then pull the piston of the penis pump from your penis: If you have done everything right, the circumference and the length of your penis have increased. Due to the previously applied penis ring it now takes much longer, until the size decreases again. Now you can enjoy your bigger penis for about 20min, masturbate or have sex with your partner.
  9. Repeat your workout: 4 times a week if possible, but at least once every 3 days. Through permanent training, the penis can grow about 2 to 3cm in length in a year. And without surgery and without pills with stupid side effects.

What do I have to consider when buying a new penis pump?

Each penis pump has the same structure: There is the penis cylinder, a tube and a pump for the vacuum. Then there are cuffs for the bottom of the penis pump, which make the application much more pleasant.

  • Penis Cylinder: Especially important is the cylinder. In these you stick your penis later. Therefore, it should not contain any sharp edges or the like inside. The size of the pistons is often a bit exaggerated. It is sufficient if the pressure cylinder is about 10cm longer than your penis in the erected state. A diameter of 4 to 6cm is ideal. But it depends on how your penis is on the penis. Of course, if your penis is a bit thicker, you are reaching for a bigger size. For orientation, the diameter of the opening of the cylinder should be at least 2cm larger than the diameter of your penis.
  • Choosing the Right Pump: Are you more like the lazier types? Then take a pump with electric pump. If you would rather grab a hand pump, the scissor pump is the best choice. With the pressure ball and also with the pull handle you lose the desire too fast and you can not create with it so fast a vacuum as with the scissor handle.
    If you have no experience with a vacuum on the penis, you should grab a penis pump with pressure gauge. Most pumps with a scissor handle are already equipped with a pressure gauge.
  • Connector: The penis piston is connected to the pump via a hose. That’s exactly the element that’s very vulnerable. Therefore, the hose should be high quality. As a recommendation you should take a smooth tube, so a tube without grooves. Because this you can clean easier.

Then you need a little more accessories for your training with the penis pump. First, you need lubes. Since you can take what you like the most. It should not attack the cuff of the penis pump.

Secondly, you are advised to wear a soft cockring. This prevents after training that the penis quickly becomes small again. So you can enjoy your larger penis almost twice as long. Important: Never wear a tight cock ring. The penis pump usually sucks very tight. If she hits the solid penis ring and there is skin in between, it can be very painful. Always use a soft cock ring made of rubber or silicone .

Pay attention to the following during training

  • Your penis should always be warm when using it
  • Do not inflate the penis for hours
  • Care after using for circulation through masturbation or penis massage
  • Do not inflate too much. Maximum 1 bar
  • Check again and again, if everything is fine with the penis. Blue tarnish is a bad sign
  • Do not wear the cock ring 24h in a row and put it off after your penis pump session after a maximum of one hour

How penis pumps work

The use of penis pumps is easy. Before sexual intercourse, the cylinder of the device is put over the penis. A vacuum is generated manually or with the help of an integrated motor. This ensures that blood flows automatically through the penis.

The result is an erection. Now a congestion ring made of elastic material is placed around the penis, which ensures that the erection does not disappear again immediately. The erection lasts now over a certain period of time, so that sexual intercourse becomes possible in this time. By the way, penis pumps can be used as often as you like.

Penis pumps – tips & tricks

The safe use of a penis pump requires a certain amount of exercise. The following tips and tricks will help you get started using a penis pump.

Practice makes perfect

As is so often the case when using a penis pump: Practice makes perfect! At the beginning the operation of the device might still be very unusual and therefore difficult. Over time, however, a routine will set in so that an erection becomes possible quickly and reliably.

In principle, the following applies to inexperienced users: In the beginning, the penis pump should not be used too often. In principle, you should approach the handling of the device. If you experience pain at the beginning, although the desired erection has not yet been achieved, you should not continue pumping.

As a rule, the corresponding problems will subside in the course of time. If, however, you experience pain, redness or itching when using the penis pump in the long term, it is essential to consult a doctor. In this case, other means may be better suited to achieve and maintain an erection.

Keeping an eye on the vacuum

The vacuum generated by a penis pump is responsible for the subsequent erection. Whether a satisfactory erection can be achieved with the help of a penis pump depends largely on the negative pressure generated. The following therefore applies when using the pump: Make sure that the pump fits the penis properly.

What distinguishes penis pumps in their function?

Even though the functional principle of both penis pumps is the same, it should be made clear once again where the differences lie. Therefore a direct comparison follows:

Air-driven penis pumps

Air-driven penis pumps consist of a cylinder, a hose and a pump. For maximum comfort, it is recommended that the penis pump be used seated or lying down.

For use, the cylinder is placed on the penis. Pumping creates a slight vacuum. If there is no air left in the cylinder, a vacuum has formed. During application, the blood vessels in the penis dilate and the erectile tissue can expand. An immediate erection can take place and in addition a longer and stronger erections can be achieved. To achieve successful results, this should be done daily for ten minutes over several months.

The constant stretching of the erectile tissue should stimulate cell division and thus make the penis both longer and thicker. In addition, longer and more intense acts of love can be guaranteed by the improved erections.

In the case of a recent penis operation or an existing penis curvature, the attending physician should use an air-driven penis pump.

Water-driven penis pumps

A water-powered penis pump can be used in the shower or bathtub, for example. For a stress-free use, however, a little time is needed.

The first phase is to relax briefly in the shower. The cylinder must be filled with water and then placed on the erect penis. While filling the penis pump the valve must be pressed. It is important that the device is always close to the body. Afterwards the water is let out of the cylinder with the help of the valve. In this way a negative pressure is automatically generated. Thus the tissue and the cavernous bodies are strengthened, because now more blood flows into the genital area. The daily application should be about 15 minutes and be carried out over several months so that penis growth can be achieved.

The absolute comfort offers a belt, which is worn during the shower. The hands remain free, a normal shower can be taken while using the penis pump. The manufacturer Bathmate promises to increase the penis size by five to ten centimetres after regular use.

Which penis pump is ultimately used is an individual decision of the person concerned, which is based on their sensitivities. However, it is important that the product must be of high quality so that no physical damage occurs. Many online shops offer cheap variants of the original product that have neither been qualitatively tested nor keep their promises.

Why buy a penis pump?

Temporarily increase in length and shape

When you use a penis pump, the pressures on your genital system can give it a little more volume. Although this result is at least temporary, you can maintain it through regular pumping. In this way, the circumference of your penis will increase and will be maintained through the applications. You will then have the opportunity to see more comfort during your sexual relations.

Rehabilitation after surgery

In case you have had prostate surgery, you will have trouble using your penis for a while. The use of a pump will help you regain the health of the different tissues of your genitals. Also, if you suffer from erectile dysfunction, this device will help you gradually find your functions. Although the results may differ from one person to another, you will see the effects of yourself.

Alternative to surgery

Some men may be very uncomfortable with the size of their penis. They are moving towards surgery to find satisfaction. However, this practice can be quite expensive and risky. It is best to opt for using a penis pump to achieve almost similar results. Although its use must be consistent, this device represents less risk.

Relax sensitive membranes

The choice of a penis pump is also justified according to the results it brings. It relaxes sensitive membranes in the penis. This feature is very convenient for men who have erection problems. Once the rod reaches the desired size and rigidity, the ring should be placed at the base to maintain pressure. This result lasts approximately ten minutes.

Bridging the lack of manhood

The penis pump is also useful for men who do not feel manly enough, especially sexually. After using this device, their performance becomes more intense and lasts longer. Also, the goal of this practice is to fill the two partners. Ten minutes a day will be enough to maintain the performance of the man.

Penis pump testimonals

  • Francisco, Spain
    From the first day I used my new Bathmate, I realized that this new model was worth it. You place the base ring on your penis and stretch it to make sure it is seated before placing the pump full of water, and the result is fast and amazing! I had no problem with the valve, you just have to make sure you know how to do it, but it’s really very easy.
  • JT USA
    I bought it about 3 months, and tried immediately. the sensation was great.
    So far I have already achieved permanent results. My partners notice it. I gained more than one inch (2.54 cm), using only 15 minutes per session.
  • AT, Canada
    A few months ago, I bought the Penomet and despite the short time I used it, I noticed some relevant changes, especially in the thickness of my penis which is what I’m working on . The increase so far was 0.23 inches (0.6 cm) and it’s a radical change you can see with the naked eye.


After reading our detailed guide on choosing a penis pump, you will hopefully reduce your choices and you can now start shopping. Remember to always use it safely, and never over pump or you could cause serious damage.

And most importantly, have fun with it. Watch yourself get taller and harder, and maybe slip on a cock-ring when you’re done in order to maintain that erection as long as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to do so through the comments as we have been doing so for a long time and we can answer all your questions regarding the purchase and use of penis pumps.