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Top 5 Extender Stretchers To Increase Your Penis Size

Do Penis Extender Really Work?

A penis extender is a piece of equipment that is suitable for penis exercises. It is a popular method of penis enlargement. There are numerous types of equipment and a great large variety for use in anyone’s training exercise. However, it is important that you be very careful when selecting a device that suits you. There are some key things to be noted when considering penis extender.

The essentials include the following:

  • All penis extenders are built for the purpose of stretching the penis.
  • They are all generally the same although they may have different designs. They all feature a place for fastening the device and a method to provide for the stretch.
  • Penis extenders are scientifically backed up. They have been scientifically proven to extend the penis.
  • Make sure you do your homework before purchasing a penis extender. Ensure you consider every possible feature of the extender before purchase.

How they work

The penis extender is a device meant to stretch the penis. To do this it must have two fastening points, one at the base of the penis the other just before the glans, and two bars or rods for extending the penis. The bars are filled with water to extend the penis with time. That makes up the basic design of the device. Where the devices differ is in terms of such things as the padding of the device and other comfort features. The most advanced extender is the Phallosan extender that uses vacuum instead of water to extend the penis.

How to use one

It is important to note that all extenders may vary and it is crucial that you read the instructions that come with the product that you have. This is because of the diversity of designs that penis extenders come with. However, there are some basic instructions that can come in handy:

  • Prepare the penis. Do this by wrapping a cloth around the penis to protect the sensitive skin from damage.
  • Attach one side of the extender strap to the cradle so it stays in place.
  • Put the penis in the extender device. Do this by holding the penis just before the glans and pull the glans toward the cradle of the extender. Once there, strap it in behind the glans to where it is comfortable for you.
  • While holding the penis in place, firmly secure the straps in place. Make sure there is enough tension on the straps so that the penis does not slide out of the extender.
  • You then retighten the straps on both sides about two to three times. This ensures a tight fit
  • Adjust the rods till it the stretch on your penis is comfortable. Do not overstretch because it may lead to injury and is mostly counterproductive.
  • Apply some heat on the area. This reduces chances of injury and allows blood to flow more easily to the glans. Never use a wet source of heat as it may cause rusting of the metal parts.
  • Then you wait. Ensure you do not move about a lot. Just sit and do tasks that can be easily done while sitting down such as watching TV.

How effective is it?

It has been scientifically proven to be more effective than penis enlargement surgery. According to a study by San Giovanni Bautista and colleagues, most men gained about one inch in flaccid length.


Top five penis extenders

  1. SizeGenetics
    It was nominated as adult product of the year in 2013. It is known in the market for its comfort. It is durable and easy to wear and use generally. Read my review of SizeGenetics here.
  2. PeniMaster Pro
    It is German-made and hence the quality is genuinely good. It has two versions he PeniMaster and the PeniMaster Pro. The design is different from other typical penis extensions systems hence may come as a surprise to many. Read my review of PeniMaster Pro here.
  3. X4 Labs
    They offer a large variety of kits. A beginner should get the starter pack and as you advance you can upgrade your package. They have cheap and expensive packages too to suit your budget. X4 Labs is also clinically tested. Read my review of X4 Labs here.
  4. Male Edge
    They are made in Denmark from lightweight but durable plastic. It is called a second generation penis extension as it is an upgrade from original traction extender devices. It has been known to increase length by about 28% and girth by 19%. Read my review of MaleEdge here.
  5. Jes Extender
    This is pretty much the blueprint of penis extenders. It is the original design from doctors in Denmark and was designed in 1995 by a team of doctors. It is handmade. Read my review of JesExtender here.


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